Skolopad 'hopes' Zodwa will listen and dance to her music

2017-10-17 09:53

Cape Town - Local entertainer Skolopad is dropping a new track and hopes to catch Zodwa Wabantu's attention.

The controversial singer will be releasing her latest single titled Ungayi Speak'lento on Friday. Or sooner, if she can get 5 000 retweets on Twitter. 

And excited Skolopad told The Juice: "I hope Zodwa will listen and dance to it, as she is a dancer."

The pair sparked beef, when both were nominated in the same categories at the 2017 Feather Awards in September. 

At the nomination event Zodwa refused to take a picture with Skolopad, saying: "Yes, I refused. I'm doing my thing and she must do her thing."

Skolopad on the other hand, is not taking it too serious and says she doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.

Both artists are known for wearing skimpy clothes and dancing provocatively. 

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