Skolopad takes Zodwa Wabantu's side when Twitter troll attacks

2018-03-29 15:00
Skolopad (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – Skolopad just stood up for Zodwa Wabantu, and we’re not quite sure how to respond.

The entertainers are rumoured to be arch enemies, but one Twitter post could have just brought them together. 

It started when a Twitter user threw an insult Zodwa’s way, writing: “Zodwa Wabantu has a stunning body; the only problem is Venda man on her face.” 

Many tweeps came to Zodwa’s rescue, hurling insults right back at her hater, including Skolopad who responded to by flipping off the Twitter user. 

Check out the post below: 

The tweet comes just days after Skolopad asked Zodwa to do a show with her for Women's Day. "Hi @Zodwa_Wabantu how about we do entertainment (show) for women on woman's day together? (sic)," Skolopad tweeted on Tuesday. 

So, does this mean the feud is officially over?