Slikour opens up about dealing with depression

2018-09-20 17:30
Slikour (Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – While interviewing rapper Riky Rick, Slikour found himself opening up about his own battle with depression.

Speaking to Riky, Slikour confessed that he did not know he was dealing with depression when he was feeling down in 2010. Looking back now, he is able to understand what he was going through.  

“I never knew in 2010 that I was depressed. 2010, to 2011, to 2012, I never knew. And I just needed to get away from everything. But I just thought that I’m just tired.” 

The star also spoke about the difficulty of opening up back then, saying that people would see through the facade he put up. “I felt that maybe I need to die silently, and people need to forget about me.”