Slindile advises those intimidated by her talent to relax

2018-05-29 11:22
Slindile Nodangala (Instagram)

Veteran actress Slindile Nondagala’s career is on a high. Having played Ruby on Generations and Beauty on Lock Down has put her on the map and gained her respect as one of the best in the showbiz. For some reasons, the actor with 29 years of experience feels like there are people who feel threatened by her presence.

And the actress was not ready to have her haters feeling intimidated for no reason; she went onto make things clear. On the video she posted on Instagram, the star says being a queen of the screen has never been a priority.

“I never wanted to be the queen of the screen. I just wanted to be good at what I do. All I ever wanted was to be an actor,’’ she says.

The 46-year-old went on to advice those intimidated by her talent to relax, saying that there was nothing to worry about. She says those who know her know that she’s all about sharing her talent with the world and doing what she loves.

“I don’t even see myself as the queen of the screen, those who know me will tell you that Sli doesn’t see herself like that she just love what she does.”

After playing the famous Mam’ Ruby, the star featured on soapies like The Queen, Rhythm City and Lock Down. If there’s anything that being fired on Generations with other sixteen actors brought Slindile, is blessings, her career has been on the rise since then.

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