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Snotkop forced to evacuate home as fire tears through Simon's Town

2017-01-12 09:47


Snotkop (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Musician Snotkop (Francios Henning) was forced to evacuate his home as fires continued to rage in and around Simon's Town on Wednesday. 

According to a post on Facebook, the muso only had time to grab his most important possessions: His brother, mother and music.

He expressed his amazement at how well emergency services and the police worked together, "It makes me so proud." 

Speaking to Huisgenoot the artist said that he felt like he was in a "Hollywood movie." When describing the scene he said that there were cars everywhere and it was very hard to breath.

News24 journalist on the scene, James de Villiers, said there was thick grey smoke and ash in the air. He said two helicopters were circling overhead dousing flames.  

Reports went on to say that Snotkop and his family will only know the condition of their home when they return. 

Watch the video posted by Snotkop here:

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