Somizi on Bonang's reality show: I'm rooting for her

2018-05-11 15:35
Somizi (Photo: Channel24)

Johannesburg – Season 2 of Being Bonang is here, and many fans are wondering if the TV star will open up a little more this time around.

But according to Bonang’s former bestie Somizi, we are going to love this season.  

When asked on V Entertainment for his opinion on Being Bonang, Somizi said he thinks Bonang has learnt from her mistakes.

“I think she’s mature and old enough to have learnt her lessons in season one, and this is the time for her to rectify and fix those things, because I’m sure she didn’t have an idea or a concept of how reality [shows] work. So she had her own perceptions, but she realised now that reality has to be real. So I believe she’s gonna be more real.” 

The choreopher, who has his own popular reality show, says that he is honestly rooting for Queen B: “She's got an amazing personality, we are going to love her. I’m rooting for her, honestly.” 

The clip, which was shared by a fan on Twitter, even got the attention of Bonang herself who retweeted it.