Somizi: Your hate won't make me straight

2016-12-06 20:01


Somizi (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – Somizi is known for his fun, uplifting Instagram messages, but on Tuesday the TV personality tackled a more serious issue through the social media app. 

The stars “Choose-day” messages usually resonate with fans, and this time was no different. In his latest video, Somizi speaks out about corrective rape, homophobia in South Africa, and being let down by the justice system. 

“I choose not to keep silent when I see in the news, or I hear of corrective rape taking place somewhere in South Africa. When I hear of a young girl that has been murdered because she is lesbian. She didn’t choose to be lesbian, she is lesbian. So all I’m trying to say is that South Africa, homophobes get it into your skull, being gay is just like being black or white, you don’t choose it, you are that,” he says in the clip. 

He also addresses an issue with the justice system, saying, “The justice system, you are failing us. You are the reason why they think they can get away with murder.” 

The choreographer also had a final message for all his haters, “And to all you homophobes, I’m telling you again, your hate won’t make me straight.” 

Well said, Somizi!

Watch the clip here:

Mad as hell. @departmentofjustice ur failing us

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