Sparks fly on Twitter between Bonang Matheba and local entertainment commentator

2018-08-29 10:45


Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba (Photo: Gallo Images)

WARNING: This article contains strong language

Cape Town - Sparks flew on social media on Tuesday night after a Twitter war broke out between local celebrity Bonang Matheba and an entertainment commentator called Phil Mphela.

The conflict erupted after the commentator gave the star unsolicited career advice and said "her star is waning".

Bonang, who is currently gracing the cover of GQ’s “Power” issue and has been asked back as host for a second year of the DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards 2018 in November, says she decided to finally hit back on Twitter so that people can see what she “has to deal with on a daily basis”. 

According to Bonang’s tweets Phil’s criticism aimed at her dates back several years. 

In 2014 Bonang appeared on the cover of Glamour South Africa as its first black star. The cover was marked as a massive milestone and historic media moment. 

Phil however had a problem with it and said on Facebook: "I actually found it insulting to black talent that everyone thought it was some history making milestone. You use people like Bonang on the cover when they need publicity. You are all just puppets including people like Bonang who have essentially become ‘rent a black’ talent.[sic]" 

Phil’s most recent jab proved to be the final straw. 

After Bonang said she will be taking legal action against the tabloid Sunday World for R10m for defamation over this past Sunday’s front page story headlined “Bonang tax fraud drama”, Phil once again weighed in with some of his advice for Bonang, saying: "I don’t think it’s wise for her to be waging war with journos. Her influence is waning and & she needs positive coverage to remain at the top [sic]".

Bonang, who has 3.14 million Twitter followers, finally snapped back, telling Phil that his "obsession" with her is "tiring".

Bonang tweeted: "You’re a parasite. A scum bag. A disgusting example of the filth I have to deal with on a daily basis. You know nothing about the industry you claim to work in. Die slow! Your mess ends today! [sic]"

Phil hit back with: "Ok know what I'm done being nice. Fuck you too Bonang and your minions. Your delusions of grandeur is getting to your head. You can't do shit to me. Someone lied to your and told you that powerful girl. Ignored your vitriol all day and now once again you crossing a line. [sic]"

"You lie. You abuse people and come here and spin some BS nonsense. Never commented on you personally, EVER. But I think now you think you can just walk all over me. Let it slide but now you treading on wrong territories. You forget I was in Sun City with you! [sic]"

He added: "You are a liar, manipulator and many more ugly things I could get into but I have never gone there. We are all fallible, and I loved you regardless but right now I'm done. FUCK YOU! Wanna do this? Let's go right back to Sun City 2012. [sic]"

Bonang said: "I’ve ignored your vitriol for three years! Shame, a few tweets got you hot & heavy. Welcome to it.” She told her followers that “today I want ya’ll to see what I dealwith. On a daily basis!!!!! [sic]"

The interaction between the two has since gone viral with Sun City reacting to the drama in tweet with: "What happens at Sun City stays at Sun City."