Sthandiwe Kgorogoe: Everything negative was attached to my dark skin

2018-05-24 12:09
Sthandiwe Kgoroge (Instagram)

Veteran actress Sthandiwe Kgoroge has at some point in her life battled to come to terms with the colour of her skin. The star took to social media to reflect and remind fellow dark-skinned fellas that there’s beauty to be seen in the skin.

Because of the colour of her skin, Sthandiwe says she was made to feel bad about herself for a very long time. But the artist has since come a long way, and says that she now chooses to see the beauty that comes with being dark skinned. The artist is comfortable in her own skin, and she says that she knows who she is and doesn’t need anyone’s validation.

‘’Everything negative was attached to my dark skin, everything unattractive. Until the day I looked around and realised that my dark complexion is pulchritude personified and that I love my dark complexion!’’ she posted.

She went on to say that she came to the realization that it’s not her problem that people have an issue with her skin tone.

“I decided that it’s not my problem that people don’t see “me”, and that what matters is how I see myself. This is the only skin I have and I am comfortable with its magic! So I chose to hear and respond to “hey dark beauty, Dark Dindi, ndoni ya manzi,” she posted

The dark beauty uses her experience to inspire others. She encouraged people of colour to share their real life experiences, regardless of shade. Thirty of the stories will be put on theatre stages later this year. Sthandiwe will be using her creativity to direct all the stage performances.

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