Strip club offers Zodwa Wabantu a job

2017-12-13 10:13
PIC: Zodwa WaBantu Instagram

SHE has captured many and grabbed the spotlight through very unusual means – by dancing with no underwear. Zodwa Libram, who goes by the stage name Zodwa Wabantu, is taking another blood moving move – she has been offered a job at a strip club. The single mother-of-one tells Move! that in her new job she will strip naked to excite her fans.


Zodwa recently got a gig at The Summit Club, a strip club based in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. She will apparently earn R25 000 per appearance. “They called me and told me they will pay R25 000 a night. This was a good opportunity for me,” says an excited Zodwa. She says it wasn’t something that she expected but it was a good call for her. She says even though she doesn’t know the tricks of a strip show very well and how to dance on the pole, she is willing to learn every move that the girls will be teaching her. Though many have called this new gig stripping, Zodwa is adamant that she is not a stripper. “I am not a stripper but an entertainer. This is not something I will be doing every day. I will perform as and when I am needed. A striper is someone who does this on a full time basis,” says Zodwa who was born and bred in Soweto. “I am a dancer who happens to be called by a strip club to entertain men for lots of money. I am a business woman who is much focused and gets what she wants. Working at a strip joint is not something that is on my plans for good. It is a business opportunity just like any other gigs I do.” 


She says she has learnt to face the truth unlike other people. “I have being judged, being called a prostitute in every way possible. But because I know who I am, what I want in life, I did not care what people said about me,” she says. “People always have something to say, and my advice is that you must know exactly who you are and learn to accept your situations and move on.” Zodwa, who was raised by her late grandmother, says her love for public dance performances started when she was only 16 years old. She says she used to be the life of the parties in her neighbourhood and became famous for her sultry dance moves. She became that person everyone wanted to invite to their party. She left home when she was 16 after failing matric. She later enrolled for a call centre course and then got a job as a call centre agent. But this did not stop her from pursuing her dance career. “I used to perform at parties until I got a gig at Eyadini in Durban. This is where my star shone. I became a crowd puller for the joint,” she says.


Fate had bigger ideas. Zodwa caught the eye of Kwaito maestro DJ Tira who put her under his wing. Now Zodwa is a countrywide phenomenon. So big is Zodwa that she is receiving invitations not only in South Africa, but also around the continent. She recently hogged headlines after she was barred from performing at a gig in Zimbabwe if she was not going to wear panties. Zodwa tells Move! that she has since received an email from the Zimbabwean Tourism Authority apologising about the fiasco and that her ban has been lifted. But a sceptical Zodwa says she will only believe this when they call her personally on her phone or meet with her management. “I am worried that this could be a scam because anyone can send an email,” she says. On her future plans, Zodwa says she is working on a song which she doesn’t want to reveal more details about. “It is a surprise song that I am still working on with DJ Tira, and will release it this coming summer. I don’t want to talk about it now, but people should expect a hit banger,” she says.