Sunette Bridges meets Donald Trump and says it's a dream come true

2019-07-18 18:09
Sunette Bridges
Sunette Bridges. (Photo: Gallo Images)

Cape Town - Singer Sunette Bridges met the President of the United States of America Donald Trump at a special event in North Carolina.

Sunette, who is the daughter of the legendary Bles Bridges, shared her experience on Facebook, writing: "I had the privilege of meeting the President of the United States of America Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Spence this afternoon. I can't describe in words how it felt shaking the presidents of the United States' hand and introducing myself to him."

Sunette, who now resides in America and is known for her strong political opinions, called the president an "unbelievable man," adding: "This is a big dream that has come true."

In the post, she also shared a photo of herself - wearing the patriotic red, white and blue - at the event, as well as a photo of her VIP neck tag.

She added that she would be sharing official photos from the event as soon as it becomes available. 

According to Huisgenoot, the singer relocated America, after she married Chris Roets - following four failed marriages.