Sunette Bridges on Chris Chameleon’s fatherhood Facebook post: ‘It’s like a punch you didn’t see coming’

2018-12-17 09:45
Sunette Bridges
Sunette Bridges. (Photo: Gallo Images)

Cape Town - Sunette Bridges, daughter of former singer Bles Bridges, says a peaceful day at home came to a dramatic halt when a Facebook post by Chris Chameleon went viral on Sunday. 

In the post Chris hints that Sunette’s father might be his dad too. While he never refers to him by name he ends the post with an album cover of Bles and expresses his dislike for celebrities who impregnate women and then don't take responsibility.

"I have had my own dark secret for years,” he writes while later adding: “But worst of all is when you get teased about looking like somebody famous, while you carry the embarrassing truth in your heart all by yourself.”(Read more here)

In a post on Facebook, Sunette – who was involved in pro-Afrikaner activities before moving to the United States – writes that she was most worried about her 70-year-old mother, Leonie, when the news first broke.

“I asked her if she was doing okay. She answered: ‘I’m 100%, sustertjie. The media is just driving me crazy. My phone won’t stop ringing. What do they want me to say?’” Sunette writes. 

She adds: “I also want to know. What do you want us to say about something that we don’t know anything about…and never have until today when we, like everyone else, found out about it on Facebook? Not even a message or a letter in the mail? Not even a cup of coffee or a chat. Nothing. Just a Facebook post that’s spreading like a wildfire with thousands of swear words, insults, and accusations over something we played no role in and don’t even have the facts on. It’s like a punch you didn’t see coming. A knife through your heart.”

She ends her post with: “If Bles Bridges is your dad, congratulations. He is dead. His grave is in Vanderbijlpark. I suggest you take roses. Red ones…and go find your peace there…if there is something like that to be found on this earth.”

Channel24 reached out to Chris’ team for comment and clarity but has not received any feedback. 

Bles was a controversial figure in the late 20th century, who had a much publicised affair with Marietjie van Heerden. Tabloid magazine Huisgenoot published a photo feature of the couple on holiday in Mauritius while he was still married to his wife, Leonie. 

On 24 March 2000, Bridges died in a car crash on his way home from a performance. Leonie sustained serious injuries but survived. 

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