The Bachelor SA season 1 ladies take on the 'Don't Rush Challenge' and we stan the friendship formed in the mansion

2020-04-09 09:49
Jacqueline Ramos, Jozaan Digue
Jacqueline Ramos, Jozaan Digue (Photo: Instagram)

While the ladies on The Bachelor SA season two are not getting along, at all, the friendships formed in season 1 of the reality dating show is stronger than ever.

One might think that vying for the attention of the same man would have caused friction in the mansion, but in the first season, we enjoyed watching the blossoming friendships just as much as the rose ceremonies.

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And despite Jozaan Digue leaving Mauritius with a broken heart, the Pretoria-based lawyer and Gina Myers, who ultimately nabbed the final rose, remained close friends.

Wishing Jozaan a happy birthday earlier this year, Gina wrote on Instagram: "Literally nothing will ever come between the friendship we have. You are my soul sister. And I love you."

Another beautiful friendship to come from The Bachelor SA mansion is between Jacqueline Ramos-Pinto and Mbali Mkhize. 

These ladies prove than no man should get in the way of friendship!  

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More than a year later the ladies, are proving that their friendship is as solid as a Jack Friedman diamond engagement ring, with Jacqueline, Kelly Tiegan, Nontombi Kuzwayo, Natasha Hardcastle and Jozaan taking on the viral 'Don't Rush Challenge'.

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