The battle is on to play Brenda Fassie

2018-01-12 09:50
Brenda Ngxoli (Photo: Gallo Images)

A movie is in the making about South African musical legend Brenda Fassie. Even though the movie is going to be produced by a American production company, Brenda’s son, Bongani Fassie said in a radio interview “the whole cast is going to be a strictly South African cast ”. The whole of South Africa is curious as to who will portray Ma Brr! as she was affectionately known.

Many of on social media suggest actress Brenda Ngxoli should play the leading role of Brenda Fassie in the movie including media personality Anele Mdoda.

Others though Soso Rangqu who plays Morongwa on Isidingo would portray the Weekend Special hit maker well while a few said Generations – The Legacy’s Manaka Ranaka could play the late music star. It will be revealed very soon who will get the part.