The man behind the Friends of Hlaudi album tells us all about it

2017-04-20 14:07
Hlaudi Motsoeneng
Hlaudi Motsoeneng (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - William Mthethwa told The Juice all about his latest album which is titled, Friends of Hlaudi.

The veteran local performer told us how many copies are available, how much it cost to record the collection of Hlaudi Motsoeneng inspired songs and how his musical muse responded when he heard the album.

ICYMI: Social media was ablaze with talk of the album after it made its appearance at a press conference organised by Hlaudi Motsoeneng on Wednesday.

Here is The Juice's chat with William Mthethwa:

What inspired the album?

I was inspired by Hlaudi and all he has done for me. I wrote and recorded it all myself and got all the money together myself.

Did Hlaudi collaborate on the album with you?

No it was all me, I just gave it to him afterwards.

It's amazing that you did it all yourself.

Yes (laughs) they call me Mr Everything. 

What did Hlaudi do when you gave him the album? Has he listened to it? 

Yes he has listened to it, he was highly excited about it. He couldn't believe that he inspired an artist like this.

Going back to the recording, is it accurate that it cost R20 000 to make the album?

Yes, that is accurate. It could have cost a lot more, almost R100 000 but I have my own studio (so that brings down costs.)

Where can fans buy the album?

Well, I have only done a very limited release right now, just about 100 copies because piracy is a problem. So I have just sent it to radio stations and we'll see what they do, if they play it. I just wanted to get it out there. 

Here's a look at the album and the tracklist:

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