The touching story about Jack Parow, his dad and a watch

2016-12-15 18:30
Jack Parow
Jack Parow (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town  - It's been nine years since Jack Parow's dad passed away and the local rapper shared a heartwarming story about his father, a watch and a rugby pub.

According to the story Jack's dad used to frequent the Tuine Tech clubhouse in Pretoria.

While there, Jack's dad was a approached by a rich teen who made him a deal.

Here's Jack's heartwarming tale in full, posted to his Instagram on Thursday:

"9 years ago today a legend passed away. My dads favorite story to tell used to be how he was drinking at Tuine Tech clubhouse & some rich drunk kid asked if he could borrow R5 because he had no more money for booze & he would give my dad his lekker fancy watch & would then come back the next day & pay back the money & and pick up the watch. My dad agreed to the deal & seeing as my dad actually played rugby there he was there every day anyway, but the kid never returned & my dad bought a lekker dik expensive watch for R5, which he wore on special occasions & in turn passed down to me. IN this foto you can see he was also nice enough to borrow it to Father XMAS, what a good bra. I don't wear it because of obvious sentimental reasons & being scared I lose it or somehow fok it op, but I recently found a watch that looks pretty much exactly the same & got it as a present to myself. Its amazing how little things like that makes you feel safe, because now, every time I look down I am reminded of him & a content, safe feeling comes over me, a feeling that where ever I am in the world, I am home. RIP PAPPA PAROW"

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