The true story of one girl's mission to meet AKA at the Samas

2016-06-06 12:49


I'm at the Samas!

Cape Town - I went to the Samas on Saturday with one mission in mind: Get a selfie with AKA.

This is the true story of my journey to get a pic with my biggest celeb crush.

Let's start at the very beginning

With tears in my big green eyes, I begged and pleaded with my editor to let me attend the Samas. For work purposes, of course.

But it was already Monday, and with five days to go and still no accreditation, flight or accommodation, I thought my hopes and dreams had forever been dashed. Sigh. 

Then, I got the one e-mail I've been waiting for my entire adult life. 

Graye Morkel from Channel24 has to fly to Durban this Saturday for the Samas.

I nearly spit out my coffee and dropped my breakfast burrito right there on my keyboard. It was happening so fast. I was going to meet AKA! 

First thing I did was message my mom. As one does, with such momentous occasions in one's life. I was surprised that she even knew what the Samas was, but she's my number one cheerleader and she was rooting for me all the way. 

Looking good

The news started to sink in. And a mild panic followed. I realised that if I'm going to be meeting Super Mega then I have to look my best. Because. Well. Bonang. 

Quick google search. 

How to lose weight quickly.
How to lose weight in three days.
How to lose weight in 24 hours.

Breathes in paper bag. 

The internet suggested drinking a green smoothie in the morning to reduce the bloat. And that's just what I did. I woke up at 6:00 every morning to make a spinach smoothie. 

I even went to the gym and cycled to work for the extra cardio. (SIDE NOTE: On day three, someone snatched my lunch bag from my bicycle basket.)

(EXTRA SIDE NOTE: AKA if you ever read this, you owe me a lunch box and two tupperware containers.)

Next was the outfit. Cause you know you have to look fabulous when walking the red carpet. Time was running out and I left my flat in such a hurry, that I left a braid behind on the kitchen floor. 

My world was spinning out of control. But I had to keep it together. I walked around forever in the V&A Waterfront trying to get the perfect outfit. And then I finally got it. Yass!!

The weekend starts

Before I could blink it was Friday and I desperately had to get my game plan in order for the weekend.

1.Take an hour nap before arriving at the Durban ICC.
2. Charge phone battery.
4. Arrive early to get a good spot.
5. Hang around the media area.
6. Work the room. 
7. Attend the after-party. 

Fool proof plan. Right? 

I woke up early on Saturday morning to catch my 08:00 flight. I almost missed my flight, because I was queuing at the wrong counter. (SAA instead of Mango. Honest mistake!) Anyway, there I was begging the passengers in front of me to please let me squeeze by in front of them.  

Arriving in Durbs

Landed in Durban and my plan was set into motion.

I was the first to arrive at the red carpet. So I got the best spot in the house. I was standing with the other photographers in the photo pit, which was really intimidating. They had fancy cameras and long zoom lenses. Me, a Samsung J5. I overheard a few snarky comments, "What is she doing here?" And one of the photographers even asked me, "Are you also taking photos? Where is your camera?" 

It's called social media. Anyway. 

So, I waited and waited. Two hours went by and still no AKA. It was starting to drizzle and I was starting to think it would never happen. And then it happened. I heard the crowd chanting, "AKA, AKA, AKA, AKA, AKA!"

OMG. He was here!

I can't make this up. My heart literally skipped a beat. There was a lot of pushing and shoving in the photo pit. And I tried desperately to get some sort of photo. Someone even shouted at me, "This is not the place for selfies!" I shouted back," I know I'm your favoruite person in the world right now, but just leave me alone. I need this! I'm doing my job!" 

The selfie

And just like that. He was gone. It was over. 

I left my place in the photo pit. What was the point? I stood at the back. Staring at my phone, posting a couple of shots to Instagram. And then I heard the commotion again. He is back! I fought my way back to the front. I don't know how I did it. I literally pushed everyone out the way. The one photographer gave me the eye, "Move to the back. You left, where are you coming from now? You've lost your spot!" 

I couldn't care less. 

And then. I got it. Well, sort of. 

So near, yet so far.

I walked around the media area for the rest of the night, trying to find him again. But to no avail. He was gone. Forever. 

Until we meet again. #TakeGrayeToAKA


AKA just tweeted this: 

Stay tuned as the story unfolds!