'The truth will come out in court' - Joost's brother

2018-01-24 16:14
joost van der westhuizen
Joost van der Westhuizen. (Gallo Images) ~ Gallo

Cape Town - Joost van der Westhuizen's brother Pieter says the "full truth" about Amor Vittone, the late Joost's estranged wife, will come out in court.

In the midst of a drawn-out court battle between him and the 45-year old singer over the late Bok hero's estate, Pieter (48) has spoken out in response to a report on Netwerk24 where parts of the court documents were published.

Among the documents is an email in which Pieter says that it would be "unpleasant" to have Amor at Joost's private funeral.

According to the email, Amor told Joost's elderly parents that she believes Joost is in hell with his oupa and ouma.

Pieter confirmed to YOU on Wednesday that Amor did say this and they have recordings to prove it.

He didn't want to elaborate further on the court case, only saying the "full truth" would come out in court.

In the email, Pieter and Sean Hefferman, Amor's lawyer from LP Baartman Attorneys, discuss how they want Joost's children to attend the private funeral.

In the end, Amor and the children were not at the service on 15 July at the Van der Westhuizen family farm in Settlers, Limpopo, during which the family buried Joost's ashes next his maternal grandfather, Joost Pretorius.

When YOU called Amor on Wednesday she said she didn't wish to comment on the matter or the email in question.

"I am not interested in a media circus," she said, adding that people should wait until the matter appears before the court.

A court date for this year has not been set yet, Ulrich Roux, Pieter's lawyer from BDK Attorneys, told YOU earlier this week.

Joost lost his battle with motor neuron disease (MND) on 6 February 2017 and died surrounded by his family at his home in Dainfern, Johannesburg.

According to Pieter, it was Joost's last wish that his children should inherit everything, which he allegedly put down in a will in 2015.

The court rejected the 2015 will because Joost had not signed it himself, ruling that even though he may have been too weak to sign, alternative procedures could have been followed like placing a finger print on the document, in order to make it valid.

Joost and Amor's original will, which they signed together in 2009, was then declared valid. According to this will, Amor would inherit everything.

But last year Pieter made an application in court to have Joost's 2015 will declared valid.

Pieter told YOU that he would fight because "he'd promised his brother".