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The Voice SA winner Craig Lucas opens up about his sexuality in moving letter

2018-09-05 09:48
Craig Lucas. (Photo: Daniel Craig Johnson Photography)

Johannesburg – In an emotional open letter, The Voice SA season 2 winner Craig Lucas opened up about his sexuality to family, friends, and fans on Tuesday.  

The lengthy note started off with the singer talking about his battle with depression, as well as suicidal thoughts that plagued him in 2016. "I had been thinking about suicide a lot. It scared me,” he wrote, going on to explain what led to him hitting “rock bottom”.  

Craig shared a story about a varsity friend he became extremely close to in 2011, eventually making the realisation that he had fallen in love. “That was the moment that it hit me – I was in love. I was unequivocally, profoundly, violently in love. I was unequivocally, profoundly, violently in love with a man,” he shared, saying that the situation had left him confused.  

The star recalled opening up about his sexuality to family and friends in 2016: "Then came The Voice. People started telling me to keep the fact that I was in a relationship with a man a secret,” he wrote, adding: “Before I knew it, I was right back in the closet again."

After hitting rock bottom once again, Craig now says he is ready to share his truth. “So here I am pulling my best Frank Ocean. I welcome whatever is coming my way with an open heart and an open mind.”