Thembi Nyandeni's advice to young actresses

2017-08-17 22:53

Isibaya actress Thembi Nyandeni has been in the industry for many decades and she says her journey even though it has been fulfilling hasn't always been easy.

The star says in all the years she has been in the industry she learned a few pearls of wisdom she would love to share with upcoming actors and actresses.

"Believe in yourself and make use of the advice you're given. Don't be big headed or think that you know everything," Thembi explained in BONA magazine.

Thembi added that when it comes to building any kind of career it is a step by step thing and young people should be patient.

"You start with the foundation, and add on to it brick by brick. So, grow bit by bit. Eventually, you will earn your stripes. You cannot miss steps in the industry or life; this will result in you missing lessons that may have equipped you with the wisdom to overcome tough situations," she explained.

Thembi who is one of the founders of hit musical Umoja says that with all the advice one receives at the end of the day its always important to remember that the life they are living is theirs and ultimately they must live it their way.

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