Thembi Seete finds love again

2018-01-05 10:05
Thembi Seete (Photo: Instagram)

MEDIA personality, Thembi Seete, left tongues wagging when she and her fiancé, Bobo “Bo” Seritsane, ended their 10-year relationship. The former Boom Shaka singer has allegedly found love again in the arms of a mysterious man. 


Thembi and Bobo broke up after dating for a decade. They got engaged in 2012 and many fans were excited for them. Thembi shared details of their break-up on her afternoon drive show, Takeover, on Massiv Metro. She said Bobo wanted to get married immediately after their engagement, but she was scared. “Many women don’t say this out loud, but the truth is that when someone asks for your hand in marriage, you ask yourself these questions. The difference with me is that I decided to seek out answers before jumping into marriage,” she said. She said she delayed setting a wedding date because she had realised that marriage isn’t about the wedding ceremony or a ring, but about the connection you build with your partner. There is speculation about what went wrong in their relationship, but Thembi says she doesn’t want to talk about who was wrong or who was right.


During the show, Thembi revealed that she has met someone. “A few months ago, I met someone. I have been going on dates, but I think there is something brewing, something amazing that is going to come up with this one person,” she said. She explained that she doesn’t have a list of qualities she is looking for in a partner, but wants someone she can connect with. “I just want to connect with a person. That is the most important thing for me. It’s not about their looks or what they own. It is about how they make me feel when I am around them,” she said.


Thembi says that being part of the entertainment industry means sharing a lot about yourself, but she is not about that life. “Experience has taught me to keep my personal life away from the spotlight, hence I chose to break the news at my own time. Your personal life will always come with trouble. Once you share your personal life with people, you give them the freedom and the right to do and say as they please,” she shares. Thembi, who is also an actress on the popular soapie, Rhythm City, feels ready to have a child. She recently told an online magazine that she wishes to be a mother.