Thembi Seete is ready to be a mom

2017-08-30 11:57
Singer and actress Thembi Seete during an interview with City Press on her new role in's soapie Rhythm City. Picture: Lerato Sejake

THE multi-talented Thembi Seete has been in the industry for more than two decades. She burst into the industry with the popular kwaito group, Boom Shaka, until they parted ways. Her resilience saw her take up acting and presenting while maintaining her solo music career. 


The gorgeous lady’s next role could be motherhood. The actress, who has been engaged to Bobo Seritsane of boy band Demin fame for about four years, says she is ready to be a mother. "I think about it a lot and I would love to be a mother. I think it’s every woman’s wish,” she says. Asked when she would like to be a parent, Thembi says, "I wish to be a mother but only God knows.”


Reluctant to talk further about the matter, she says that she’s at times terrified about the idea of getting old. “I am afraid sometime, but it’s a blessing because others can’t make it this far. We face challenges every day,” she says a few days after turning 39. "Age is just how you carry yourself and see life. We all have the power to shape our lives,” she adds. Her beauty seems to defy her age, but the secret to her youthful looks is common sense. "As you grow you get to know yourself and understand your body, as well as what works and doesn’t work well for you. My body responds very well to healthy food like fish and vegetables. Gym is also very important but you don’t even need a gym membership, just walk and be active to keep fit,” she says. 


The bubbly actress reveals that even though she might come across as fragile, she’s actually a tough cookie who had to weather many storms, hence she has been relevant for more than 20 years in the entertainment industry. "I am a very strong person. I am able to stand and overcome hardships well,” she says, recalling a time when she had to sell clothes to make ends meet. She says being tough is the reason she can portray her Rhythm City character, Bongi, so well. Like Thembi, Bongi gained fame and fortune in her youth, only to lose her house, money and cars because she was not financially educated. Unlike Bongi, Thembi learnt her lesson before losing her money. "Bongi went through what most artists experienced in the 1980s. They didn’t have the right information and financial education," Thembi says