There’s nothing shady about DJ Warras' success

2017-08-23 09:20
DJ Warras. (Facebook)

HE has made his presence felt on radio and now, Warrick Stock (31), known as DJ Warras or Shady Lurker, is conquering TV. Warras carries an array of experience under his belt. The fun and authentic DJ grabbed the spotlight in 2008 when he hosted a show on YFM before moving on to 5fm. However, last year, Warras announced he was taking a break from radio.


Warras is climbing the ladder to success rapidly. He has shared the stage with numerous top DJs and has played in major clubs across the country.  As a veteran on the club scene, his vinyl skills have put him in the company of big names. Not content with limiting his ambitions to the DJ booth, he landed a gig as a presenter on SABC1’s music show, Live AMP, a job he is doing with excellence.  Although he left radio, he still considers himself a radio god. “It’s not that I left radio for good. I want something that will give me the growth that I desire. My focus right now is TV, being a club DJ and an MC at events," says Warras.  “I am so happy where I am now. I have been on Live Amp for five years and the show has become my home.”


When Warras is not spinning discs or on our TV screens, he is spending his time with his three sons, whom he loves dearly. He says being a father is an amazing experience. “My sons are my life and I am happy to say they make me work hard. I’m never at home, but it is priceless when I’m with them. What makes me proud is that they understand the nature of my job and the reason I’m sometimes not with them. Being a father has taught me to be more responsible and cautious. Even though I am no longer with the mother of one of my sons, we are doing a great job in taking care of our child,” he says. He further explains that he provides for his sons in every way and makes sure they live a good life, unlike his father, whom he never knew.


Born in Durban, Warras tells Move! that he was raised by his grandparents and mother. “I was a very smart kid. I passed matric with three As and Bs through the guidance of my grandparents, whom I stayed with. My grandfather insisted I educate myself so I that I could be able to do everything for myself,” he says. “I really looked up to him and that’s why I am the person I am today. I turned out to be responsible and it’s all because of the people who raised me, and for that I am forever grateful.”

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