This is what Trevor Noah misses most about SA

2017-08-11 15:06
Trevor Noah. (Photo: Onkgopotse Koloti)

He may be living the international high-life but Trevor Noah is still as down-to-earth as ever.

SA’s most famous export looked more svelte than we remember at a press conference held at Montecasino on Thursday.

“I don’t think I’ll ever label myself as an international star. I’m a comedian who is very successful and lucky to be working in a world internationally. I’m proud of my achievements,” he told the crowd.

The Daily Show host (29) is visiting home during his time off from his live show and is performing in Johannesburg and Durban as part of his There’s a Gupta on My Stoep tour.

The show highlights current events in SA and how South Africans feel about them. Even though he doesn’t spend much time in his home country anymore, Trevor still considers himself very much a part of it.

“When I worked in SA, my dream was never to leave SA. That was never my dream, I’d just gone where the work led. I loved doing shows in SA as much as I loved doing shows out there in the rest of the world,” he says.

“My joy in travelling has always been that as a SA I’m proud and I can export a piece of myself and my country to another place in the same way we’ve imported international comedy for so long, international movies, international music, international TV.”

Behind the fancy parties and rubbing shoulders with some of Hollywood’s elite, including singer John Legend and his model wife, Chrissy Teigen, Trevor says there’s no place like home.

He gave us some insight into what he misses the most.

“I mean food I miss just as whole. People take for granted how good our food is, just at a standard level,” he said.

“It’s very difficult to find good food in America without paying a lot of money for it. So ja, I love being home because of the food but I mostly miss the people.”

“That’s the biggest thing that I miss about South Africa. You can find the physical landscape in different ways and places, you can find elements that make the country what it is in different ways all over the world but the one thing you cannot find is the people.

“I miss our languages. I miss being able to speak Zulu or Tswana to my friends, I miss being able to joke about cultural ideas and things that we only have in this country and things which are unique to South Africa so those are the biggest things that I miss when I’m away.”

We guess home truly is where the heart is for this funny guy! Time to come home, Trev?

(Photos: Onkgopotse Koloti)