This is why Janez can't listen to Boyz II Men anymore

2016-06-07 15:38
Janez Vermeiren (Photo supplied)

Johannesburg – In an interview on Jacaranda FM’s Complimentary Breakfast show on Monday, Janez Vermeiren revealed the story behind his first broken heart, and why he just cannot listen to Boyz II Men anymore.

It was like a break-up scene straight from a soapie when the, The Man Cave, presenter spoke about the first time he had his heart broken.

"All I remember from that is a girl broke my heart, and Boyz II Men was playing and I was in Belguim, and I was driving home in the rain and it was “it’s the end of the road”. And it was raining, and there was rain coming out of my eyes, and I was crying like a baby."  

Janez, who recently joined Shield’s It’s Your Move campaign, appeared on the show alongside DJ Zinhle to talk about fitness, but was thrown for a loop when he was asked to explain the events that led to that teary moment in the rain. What followed was a story that had everyone cracking up in disbelief.  

"This was my first love, I was 20-years-old. First love, first time for everything. And this girl broke my heart. I dated her for about a year and she moved to a different town. I helped her moved, and I spent the whole weekend moving. And that Friday I took off university and I went to her dorm, which was like two hours away in a different city, and I still had keys to the door."

Yeah, at this point we all knew where this was headed.

"As I open up the door, there she was, in bed with another guy. And instead of manning up to that, I looked at her, I looked at him, and I just started crying, and I ran out to my car, and that’s where the two stories connect."

As for that Boyz II Men song, Janez says it will haunt him forever. “I’ll never forget Boyz II Men. Can’t listen to them. I can’t listen to them.”

Aaah shame! Her loss though as the presenter, model, and father of three, is now happily married. And not to mention… that body! 

Listen to the complete interview here.