This is why Usher didn't want to collaborate with Black Coffee

2017-04-04 15:53


DJ Black Coffee,Supplied
DJ Black Coffee,Supplied

Cape Town - Speaking to Metro FM, DJ Black Coffee went into details about his experience working with American R&B artist Usher.

While on a trip to New York the local DJ met up with Usher's manager. Black Coffee explained that the manager was very excited about a potential collaboration and complimented him on his "African sound."

He then received a call from Usher who also expressed an eagerness to work together.

"I'm ready, I'm ready. I have a song actually. I'll send it to you," he told the Crash hitmaker. 

The feedback he received from the manager the following day was that the song was "too modern" and didn't have the "African" feel he was after.

"I don't know what Africa is to him but Africa to me is something different, we not in the jungle right now. You know Africa is different. Africa is a totally different place," he went on to say.

This comes after successful collaborations between Black Coffee and American artists, Alicia Keys and Drake.  

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