#Tholukuthi: Twitter makes two ordinary South Africans superstars!

2017-08-07 15:33
dj euphonik

Have you been seeing #TholukuthiHey all over your timeline lately?

It is probably because of the duo that is Killer Kau and Mbali Sikwane.

It is no secret that the fastest way to get famous these days is through social media and Killer Kau and Mbali Sikwane have definitely cashed in on this.

A video of a Killer Kau rapping was posted onto Twitter by a friend of his.The video was then retweeted by DJ Euphonik who asked users to help him find the guy in the video.

Upon finding the artist in the video, Euphonik immediately produced a song with the undiscovered artist along with another singer by the name of Mabli Sikwane.

Within a matter of days, the song was a national hit, catapulting the two undiscovered artists to fame.

Euphonik has also organised radio interviews for the two artists -- which have been very helpful in the promotion of the song.

Euphonik then asked fans to design the artwork for the single to which he received multiple responses:

Since then, the two artists have performed at multiple clubs around Johannesburg and Euphonik has also organised a concert which will officially launch the single. The concert is set to take place at the ICON nighclub in Soweto on Friday, 11th August 2017.

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