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Tol Ass Mo gets serious

2016-07-18 13:42


Tol Ass Mo (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – It’s not a common sight for us to see Tol Ass Mo get serious about stuff. He’s usually the one person we can always turn to for a laugh.

But on Friday the comedian let us know that even though being funny is his job, there comes a time when he has to set the jokes aside to deal with more serious matters. 

“Being a comedian and making people laugh has always been close to my heart. I have however seen family and friends pass on due to various health conditions and that has never been a funny story for me.” 

In his message Mo shared his thoughts on people who make fun of others with serious illnesses. “I feel that you can’t exactly make fun of someone if they are really ill cause they did not cause that upon themselves.” 

He ended off with some words of wisdom. “We will all be faced with life changing obstacles in our lives so it will not make your life easier by trying to destroy the life of another. Do the world a favor and love yourself.”