Tough times for Tina Jaxa

2017-10-24 09:23
Tina at the Heist launch (The Juice)

ACTRESS, Tina Jaxa, is said to be living in fear of her son, Leeroy Mkwaiwa, who is allegdly physically abusing her. It was reported that in the last seven months, the actress opened two cases of common assault against Leeroy at the Sophiatown Police Station, in Joburg. Leeroy, who is 19 years old, is Tina’s first child with her late ex-husband, businessman and music producer, Prosper Mkwaiwa.


In one of the statements Tina made to the police, she revealed that Leeroy beat her up in her dining room and demanded money. She claimed that Leeroy demanded R400, but she refused to give it to him because he did not want to say what it was for. It was also reported thay Leeroy allegedly gets aggressive and swears whenever she refuses to give him money.


Prosper’s widow, musician, Tina Dlangwana, tells Move! that Tina deserves what is happening to her. She says the actress created the monster in Leeroy, adding that the signs were always there. “She was never there for her kids. Leeroy had to raise his siblings because their mother did not want to be responsible. He had to bath and feed them, among other things. Leeroy harbours a lot of anger because he had to carry so much on his shoulders at a very young age. The chickens are coming home to roost. I think this is Leeroy's cry for help,” says Tina.


She adds that when she shared a house with Prosper and his children, she was accused of abusing them. There were reports that she beat Leeroy up for not flushing the toilet after using it. “At some stage I was accused of abusing Prosper’s children when they were in fact the ones abusing me. Leeroy was very bitter from a young age. He was very troublesome and used to do bad things, including stealing my jewellery and perfumes and selling them. He also used to steal other children’s items at school even though his father gave him everything,” she says.


She adds that though she is not feeling sorry for the actress, it hurts her to see Leeroy wasting his life like this. “Leeroy was like a son to me. It hurts me to see him going through this. It is a pity I cannot help because I cannot get involved in Tina’s business. He really needs proper counselling and help.” The two Tinas were once embroiled in a bitter battle over Prosper’s estate. The songbird claimed that she was Prosper’s customary wife, arguing that she was entitled to burying him and getting half of his estate. But Prosper’s family rejected her claims and said they did not recognise her. 


Tina says she decided to walk away after Prosper's burial. “I lost everything, but I regained a lot, including my dignity. God restored me hundredfold when I let go. I am shooting a reality show and about to release an album,” she says.

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