Toya Delazy, Tweezy and Aewon Wolf step into the Coke Studio

2016-10-31 16:00


Toya Delazy (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – Once again Coke Studio has set the bar high, bringing you only the best collaborations from the greatest local acts. 

This week saw award-winning artist Toya Delazy and Durban-born rapper Aewon Wolf team up with newbie producer Deemo to create a hit in just two days. 

Toya showed off her piano skills while adding her signature touch to the beat, while Aewon prepared lyrics to a song he hoped would move listeners. 

Working together, the trio were able to create their track, I.D.C

In the second half of the show producer Tweezy teamed up with soulful singer, Apple Gule, and two of the members of hip-hop outfit Mapped Out Squad. The group acknowledged their different tastes, but were determined to make their fusion work. 

Working through the night, they managed to come up with their song, Another Way