Trevor Gumbi throws back on a Tuesday and it’s amazing

2016-05-10 14:21
Trevor Gumbi (Photo credit: Instagram)
Trevor Gumbi (Photo credit: Instagram)

Cape Town - Making it in the local entertainment industry is tough, not many people reach the top even after years of trying.

Someone who knows that to be true is Trevor Gumbi. The actor, comedian and all around entertainer who is now a veteran on our screens shared an Instagram post reminding followers that he also started at the bottom of the ladder with the following caption:

“This is me when I was 19yrs old. My first photos shoot. I wanted to model and act SO bad. Got rejected by every agency, but I soldiered on. #GlassesLikeImAwelder #SquareToeShoes #CheckeredPants #CrazyHair #WhyAmIonAladder #WhereDoesTheLadderGoTo #WhyAmIonTheFirstAndSecondStairLikeThat #WhyWasIsuchAloser ????”.

Here’s the post:

We love it! #keeptrying