Trevor Noah cancels stand-up shows for the remainder of 2018 due to bruised vocal cords

2018-12-05 11:04
Comedian Trevor Noah.
Trevor Noah. (Getty Images)

Johannesburg – SA comedian Trevor Noah has once again had to cancel shows due to his bruised vocal cords.  

The Daily Show host, who first postponed a few shows in November due to the illness, shared another message on social media on Wednesday, saying that he will be cancelling all stand-up shows for the remainder of 2018.  

“I thought that my vocal cords were healed but according to the doctor, flying 36 hours and hosting a giant concert in South Africa didn’t help me. So now if I want to get better I have to take it seriously so that I can perform at 100% on my new tour next year,” Trevor wrote, referring to the Global Citizen concert he hosted on Sunday.  

He added: “I hate cancelling shows but I also hate the idea of losing my voice forever so I’m postponing all this year’s stand up shows and working hard on rehabbing the voice.”