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Trevor Noah gets backlash for Imran Khan comments

2018-08-17 16:35
Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah (Photo: Getty)

Johannesburg - The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has once again found himself in hot water.

It was just a few weeks ago when a 2013 clip of the local comedian making a distasteful joke about Aboriginal women re-surfaced and received backlash.

Now, tweeps are not happy about comments he made about Imran Khan.

In his recent show this week Trevor compared Pakistani leader, Imran Khan, to Donald Trump and said that Imran's residency was a "Pakistani Trump Tower."

“Look, I’m not saying Imran Khan is the brown Trump. Imran Khan is one of many leaders around the world following the successful format of the hit show called ‘The Trump Presidency’, including apparently using the same writers,” said the comedian. 

He continued by saying, “I don’t know if Prime Minister Khan will turn out like President Trump, but if you were moving to Pakistan to escape Trump, you might want to pick someplace else.”

WATCH: Trevor Noah makes comparison between President Trump and Prime Minister Imran Khan: