Trevor Noah: Relationships are just lies disguised as support

2017-07-20 15:30
Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah (Photo: Getty)

Cape Town – In a radio interview on Wednesday Mo Flava spoke to his old friend, local comedian Trevor Noah, about his life in New York, featuring on JAY-Z’s latest album, the last lie he told and much more.

Here are some highlights of the impromptu chat, which took place on The Drive on Metro FM: 

Trevor Noah knows how to DJ:

Trevor started off the relaxed chat by telling listeners that he and Mo are old friends and go way back, saying: "I don’t remember if you told people this? Mo Flava taught me how to be a DJ." Masechaba Ndlovu – who co-hosts the show with Mo – then added that her and Trevor used to go for auditions together.

What The Daily Show host’s day looks like:

When the radio DJs asked about what Noah’s day to day routine looks like he explained how he starts his day: "Every day is the same thing, we get into the news, I start reading news from all over the world."

For those who don't know, Trevor is the host of The Daily Show.

About his book, Born a Crime

When Mo told Trevor how much he loved the way that his book was written, the author spoke about why he wrote the memoir saying: "[It was] me wanting to share."

He also alluded to the hardships he and his family went through, which are mentioned in the book, adding that he hoped people would come away saying: "Trevor you didn’t have a perfect life but you came out stronger" and "For too long in South Africa the victims of domestic abuse have been shamed when the abusers should have been."

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Trevor’s appearance on JAY-Z's latest album:

The Metro FM presenters then asked the NAACP award winner about how he got onto Jay Z’s most recent album, 4:44: "Well it was one of things that come of nowhere. You get a phone call, ‘JAY-Z wants you to... (and you’re like) Yes!'" Noah then added his disbelief about the moment: "You go from a world where you were listening to JAY-Z and then JAY-Z asks you be on his album..."

The last lie Trevor told:

When asked by Masechaba about the last time he lied, the stand-up comedian honestly said that the last time he lied was in his relationship. When the radio host pushes him for more details Trevor evades the question in a joking manner and says: "Relationships are just lies disguised as support" and then gives examples of the white lies that he’s referring to: "Like do I look good in this? Should I talk to her…"

For those who don't know, Trevor is currently dating real estate agent Jordyn Taylor

About living in New York:

Noah says that when stories break about how much money he’s spending in rand people forget that the cost of living is higher in The Big Apple: "In this side of the world people are paying for where they are living." He then added: "I don’t live where any other celebrity lives, I just live in a neighbourhood and New York is in an expensive place."

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Trevor’s tight bond with his mom: 

The 33-year-old then lovingly spoke about his mother saying: "I speak to my mom every day." He then added an example of her phone calls to him: "My mom will just phone me out the blue and say: Hey wena, remember to save." Here’s the best advice Noah’s mom ever gave him, according to the star: "My mom gave me such good advice. Remember as men to be better than your fathers."