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Tumi Molekane relaunches himself as Stogie T

2016-05-21 08:45
Tumi Molekane

Johannesburg – When you think about it, the music industry is a lot like life – sometimes, after a decade or so, we need to give ourselves a makeover to fit the person we have evolved into. That’s exactly what Tumi Molekane has decided to do.

No more Tumi

On Friday the rapper relaunched his brand under the name Stogie T.  “You might know me as Tumi, or T from The V, all those other things. I have decided to be referred to now as Stogie T." He told the exclusive crowd at Arque at Sandton City.

He also explained why he chose the name, Stogie, “A stogie is a cigar. It’s like another word for a cigar. And cigars have come to represent a certain elegance, and a certain growth for me."

Tumi launched two new singles on the night – Diamond Walk and Big Dreams – both of which had been produced by Tweezy.

What to expect from Stogie

Tumi made it clear that he is very proud of the work he has done so far, he has just done some growing up. “As you grow up, things get real,” he explained.

The rapper acknowledged that as time went on, he’s eyes were opened to what the world is really like. His only mission now is to create music that represents the realities of the world. “In moving forward I wanted to create music that represents both the honey, and the pain. “

We look forward to seeing what you have in store for us Stogie T. 

Check out some snaps from the event.