Tumi Molekane's Twitter rant

2016-05-12 15:33
Tumi Molekane (Facebook)

Johannesburg – It’s not unusual for Twitter to be used as a place for celebrities to vent their frustrations. More often than not, those celebrities turn out to be rappers, but hey, let’s just call this a "judgement-free zone."

We’re all for sharing your feelings, but sometimes those Twitter rants just don’t make sense.

The latest celeb to take to Twitter to air his feelings is rapper, Tumi Molekane. 

It all started when Tumi tweeted this: "I can’t blame an audience for my lack of success in SA. That’s not them. I have never coveted fame and riches, I actually love this thing…"

The muso went on to talk about how he, "built this thing". We’re assuming he’s talking about hip-hop in SA?

It took a turn though with this tweet: "I am not your peer or your fellow rapper. I am the God of this shit. If it’s about rapping I am better than you all. Does that sound weird?" 

One fan felt the need to point out that Tumi was acting a little like Azealia Banks, referring to Azealia’s numerous random Twitter rants. To which Tumi simply replied, "Until you hear me rap". 

We’re still not quite sure what sparked this though.