Tumisho gloats about finding new love

2017-10-03 11:29
Tumisho Masha joins Scandal! (Gallo Images)

ALTHOUGH he is going through a divorce from his wife, Zozi, it seems Tumisho Masha has found comfort in the arms of another woman. It has been said that the best way to get over someone is to get involved with someone else. Seemingly, Tumisho subscribes to this belief as he has been spotted at events with his girlfriend.


Rumours of infidelity and abuse have been following Tumisho, but he denies them. His wife recently took to Instagram to break her silence about the alleged abuse she suffered at his hands, but Tumisho claims that all that is said about him abusing his wife is just allegations. It was a surprise for many people when Zozi spoke out publicly about the alleged abuse because she had been keeping her marriage private. Since his wife’s revelations, Tumisho has been posting motivational quotes and Bible verses on his Instagram page, including vacation pictures with his newly found lover.


When Move! contacted Tumisho recently, he calmly refused to give comment at this point as he is still waiting for the divorce to be finalised before talking about his new life and new love. “I am not ready to talk about it before anything has been finalised. I am not hiding anything,” says Tumisho. “Yes I am happy, but I have a small child involved in all of this, so I will speak out and give a statement when all has been finalised, but I can't say anything for now.” Zozi also refused to comment or speak ill of their split, including Tumisho's alleged affairs. “I can’t give you any comment. There is a child involved here,” says Zozi. The marriage has been on the rocks for a while. Move! spoke to Tumisho a few months ago and he confirmed his separation to Zozi, but refused to dwell much on it, saying they were still finalising things.


Seemingly he could not wait to show the world his new love even before the ink on his divorce papers dried up. Pictures on Tumisho's Instagram account say it all, with Tumisho gloating about his girlfriend's beauty and the amount of love they share. His girlfriend apparently threw him a birthday party recently and he took to Instagram to sing her praises. “Wanna thank this gorgeous woman for throwing me the best birthday party ever! Love you babe! #birthdayvibes #family #love #newyearnewme #greatmemories,” read his caption on one of the photos. On Father’s Day, his girlfriend posted a picture of Tumisho with his daughter paying tribute to him, but the post was later removed. “May that light you shine into your daughter’s life continue to shine bright – may she know your love and never desire anything outside of the love you show her! May your journey of fatherhood continue to be one you love through, live through and laugh through,” read the caption.

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