Unathi confronts determined fan on Instagram: I'm scared of YOU!!!

2016-06-10 14:29
Unathi Msengana (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg - Social media trolls, beware! Unathi is not afraid to name and shame if she has to.

The singer took to her Instagram page on Friday to expose a fan who had been pestering her on Twitter.

From what we can gather, the fan in question had been blocked by the star on Twitter after he commented that the news on The First Avenue (Metro FM's breakfast show co-hosted by Unathi) was always late.

Unathi posted a screengrab of their conversation, captioning it, "Sir @The_Usual I BLOCKED on Twitter FOR A REASON! Getting my personal cell and SMSing me that you don't appreciate me blocking you on Twitter is CREEPY! PLEASE don't freak me OUT!"

In the conversation between the two, the guy seemed to take being blocked by Unathi as a joke, saying, "no need to call me an idiot, then block me, over news? How grown of you lol bless and love you always sisi."

Unathi, on the other hand, was not in as good a mood. "And now you're on my personal line after making fun of me. NOW you know how it feels IDIOT. I'm blocking you here too. How ABUSIVE!!!!!!"

The presenter added that she was frightened by the actions of the determined fan. "so you think getting my personal cell number is not crazy?!?! I'm scared of YOU!!! Blocked here too."