Vatiswa Ndara on the character that made her nervous

2017-09-04 15:19
Photo Supplied; Via ETV

She is possibly one of the most talented actors in South Africa and almost all the roles she has played over the years, she has nailed. However, actress Vatiswa Ndara says that there is one role that she played recently that made her nervous to the core. That role was Clementine the role the star plays on ETV series Harvest.

"I was really nervous while shooting because the pressure was just too much. When I read the script for Clementine, I viewed her as a calm person. But she is actually dangerous and could be Nomarussia's relative," Vatiswa told BONA.

Vatiswa adds that even though she seems to be playing characters that seem somewhat the same she is okay with it.

"The beauty of it is that all the characters are menacing. They also irritate viewers, but are still loved," she added.

Vatiswa has acted in some of the most popular shows in South Africa including soapie Generations, series's Home Affairs, Gaz'Lam and she has won a SAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress.