Vusi Nova's face 'completely swollen' after hijacking

2017-08-28 11:47


Vusi Nova (Facebook)

Johannesburg – Speaking to The Juice on Monday, Muthaland Entertainment Publicist Delphine Klassen confirmed that Vusi Nova has been experiencing some problems with his vision following a hijacking on Friday. 

The muso was found after being hijacked and kidnapped outside his home in Melville by a group of four armed men. 

Klassen says Vusi’s face had become completely swollen since the attack, with his eye being affected as well. "He was rattled after the whole ordeal, and at first he was too scared to go out. But he received debriefing and counseling, that helped a lot,” she tells us, adding that Vusi will be seeking treatment from an eye specialist.

“This morning I’m going to be taking him to a doctor, an eye specialist, because he was beaten in the eyes as well. And we’re not sure if it was by hand or the end of a gun, his memory is a bit sketchy, he can’t recall everything. There’s red showing through the white of his eyes. Any light, no matter how dim it is, is affecting his eyes. So we’re just blindfolding him for now and I’m going to be taking him to an eye specialist.”