Vusi Nova’s lucky escape

2017-09-13 09:45
Vusi Nova (Facebook)

MULTI-PLATINUM R&B singer Vusi Nova is happy to be alive after he was abducted during a hijacking outside his Melville home in Joburg recently. He was later dumped in Soweto. The hijackers made off with his car and clothes. He was left with only his underwear.


Speaking to Move!, Vusi complains about a painful eye, which he suspect could be infected. “My right eye is painful. I don’t know if it’s from the punches (from the attackers),” he says. “It gets worse when it is exposed to the light.” The singer says that his focus at the moment is to stay at home and make sure his eye gets healed. He tells Move! that he thanks God for giving him another chance to live. “It was an experience that I couldn’t explain. Everything just happened so fast. I was confused and didn’t know what was going on,” he says.


The Best Afro Soul SAMA award winner says his two attackers told him they had been following him for about a year before they pounced on him. He says one of the hijackers pulled out a gun and pointed it at his face, adding that one of the men then jumped into the car. Immediately as they drove off, he says he heard a gunshot and thought they shot his friend whom he was with. Luckily, they left him in the middle of the road and drove off with Vusi. Before the friend was left on the road, the R&B star claims he was told to take off his clothes, including his underwear. As they drove, he says one of the attackers put Vusi’s head between his legs so that Vusi could not see where they were going. Then the hijackers threatened to kill him if he didn’t give them his gun. “I was so terrified because I don’t have a gun,” Vusi says. The attackers then decided to drop Vusi off in Soweto after they threatened to cut off his body parts. He was also told to take off his clothes, and run without looking back.


Vusi says he is happy to be alive after that horrible experience and is ready to move on with his life. “I thank everyone with the support they have given me,” he says. “I’m humbled by the good wishes from my supporters and people who have put my car number plates out there to help in finding my car.” Police are investigating a case of kidnapping and hijacking.

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