WATCH: Ayanda Ncwane speaks about the last moments of Sfiso’s life

2017-04-25 11:00
Ayanda Ncwane
Ayanda Ncwane (Photo: Screengrab, YouTube)

Cape Town – Sfiso Ncwane’s widow, Ayanda, sat down with local talk show host Anele Mdoda and spoke about her many ups and downs with her late husband.

The model reflected on how their journey which was not always easy, for instance once in Germiston Sfiso, Ayanda and their child were kicked out of their home for not paying rent. The pair eventually rebounded "through the power of God," according to the widow.

About 28 minutes into the interview Ayanda talks about when Sfiso started “feeling tired” in Limpopo. 

Ncwane then explains that one day later when they were meant to go to a Kaya FM event, Sfiso called her and her and asked her to “please ask the event organisers to excuse me” and then went home. For those who don’t know Ayanda was Sfiso’s manager.

Ayanda then spoke about Sfiso’s collapse at home in the bathroom and then his admission to the hospital. Then she illustrates the heartbreaking moment he died saying “a nurse grabbed me and then the doctor came to me and said I am so sorry ma’am your husband has just passed away.” 

Ncwane then says she was in disbelief until the nurse started crying around him. “I kept trying to wake him up,” she added tearfully.

Sfiso Ncwane died on Monday, 5 December 2016. The interview took place on Real Talk with Anele which airs every weekday at 17:00 on SABC 3.

Watch the full interview here: