WATCH: Cape Town woman gets transformed in new online makeover show

2017-09-05 17:00


Revenge Makeover SA
Revenge Makeover SA (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town - The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium has launched the first-ever online reality makeover show, Revenge Makeover SA.

The first episode was aired on Facebook and YouTube on Tuesday, releasing new episodes for the five part series every Tuesday at 07:30.

Born and raised in Cape Town, 50-year-old Karen Wain - an office administrator in Milnerton - is the first contestant to feature on Revenge Makeover SA.

Talking about why she decided to enter the makeover show, Karen says, "I wanted a new smile and to banish my frown lines. I wanted to be 50 and fabulous not 50 and frumpy."


Revenge Makeover

Karen says that the makeover has given her more "confidence" and a more postive outlook on life: "Before the makeover I didn't really want people to notice me, because of my smile and I felt as if I looked old and tired. I have never put myself 'out there' for fear what people would think about."

"After the makeover, I feel more confident. I walk into a room making eye contact, because I know now if they smile at me I am going to smile right back. When you start thinking about having these treatments you don't realise the change it makes to your appearance, no matter how subtle, the change is there. My smile now lights up my face and reaches my eyes. This show has given me so much more than a new smile and a fresher look. I have a better attitude, I no longer want to surround myself with negative people," she adds.


Revenge Makeover

Giving advice to others going through a similar situation, she says: "No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up. Things happen when the time is right and you have to be ready for it."

You look great, Karen! 


Tune in next week for the remarkable transformation of Nonthando Nsidwana. 

(Photos: Supplied)