WATCH: Cassper Nyovest says he had problems with cheating but he is 'chill now'

2017-08-16 12:51


Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – Chatting to the hosts of American radio show The Breakfast Club, local star Cassper Nyovest opened up about the SA music industry as well as his relationship with ex-girlfriend Boity Thulo. 

After arranging a meeting with one of the show’s hosts Charlamagne via Twitter a few weeks ago, Cassper stopped by the show while in New York City for a gig. 

There was no shortage of confidence on Cassper’s part once the interview was underway. When asked which US rapper he would compare his own success in Africa to, Cassper responded by asking, “Who’s the biggest rapper in the States?,” adding, “the first name that comes up, I’m that.” 

The star also touched on some of the struggles faced by local artists. “It was going well until corporate just came and just bought hip-hop,” he said. “Now it’s just like all about money. It’s not really like who’s the best anymore, who’s putting out the best records anymore. It’s really just about who can give the radio the most money. And they’re buying awards, it’s hectic.” 

Although he refused to talk about his beef with another local act, Cassper was not as reluctant when asked about his relationship with Boity. The rapper spoke about his song I Was Ready For You, getting flak from The Breakfast Club team about one particular line. “He said he was giving his side bitches her side of the bed.” Charlamagne quoted the lyrics. 

According to the muso, Boity only discovered he was being unfaithful when she heard the track: “She heard it when the album came out, and she was like, ‘I never knew you were cheating on me.’” 

Boity’s new man was also discussed, with Cassper confirming that he “heard” that her new guy is a baller: “I heard he’s a baller. I don’t know if he’s a baller. But I hope he takes good care of her cause she was a good girl and probably somebody I would have married or something if I was ready at that point.” 

And if anyone was wondering, Cassper says he’s actually a very nice guy: “I just had problems of cheating when I was growing up. But I’m chilled now.” 

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