WATCH: DJ Sbu visits the Harvard dorm where Facebook was founded

2017-04-10 12:00
DJ Sbu (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – DJ Sbu has been to the home of Facebook!

The star visited the prestigious Harvard University in the USA, taking a tour of the place, which included a quick look at the dorm room where Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook. 

“All the way from Harvard rise & grind my hustlers its a brand new week. Go out there & chase those dreams. Keep going & keep shining my brothers & sisters. Let no one or nothing stand in your way, (sic)” Sbu captioned one video. 

But Harvard was not the only renowned University the DJ paid a visit to – He also spent some time at MIT where he gave a "vision talk." 

Take a look at the clips from DJ Sbu’s trip here:

The Dom where @markzuckerberg built @facebook #KirklandHouse

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