WATCH: Everything you need to know about Joyous Celebration's new album

2017-04-07 18:00


Joyous Celebration
Joyous Celebration (Photo: Gallo)

Johannesburg - With their new album (which was released on Friday) and video titled Heal our Land local gospel group Joyous Celebration sends out a war cry. 

At least according to Joyous co-founder Jabu Hlongwane, who says: “We have failed to do what we are supposed to do. We call on God to help South Africans and Americans. We join hands as churches and pastors to preach and lead people in prayer through the many problems we face in different fronts, from crime in the inner-city or the townships and suburbs, to HIV/Aids and political turmoil. The societal problems we face are similar. Ours is to address the soul and revive the spirit.”

Watch the title track Heal Our Land performed by Joyous Celebration and The Potter’s House Choir led by Brenda Ellis:

More about Joyous Celebration performance in the States:

The group embarked on the American voyage as a whole, a strong team of 70 plus to be greeted by a mosaic of flags from all over the African continent when they performed, proving their massive appeal across the borders. The spirit in the auditorium was magical with all the singing and dancing. “Music is a universal language, the Bishop could have chosen other people, but he wholeheartedly endorsed and embraced us and working with the band and singers from Potter’s House was a powerful moment of cultural exchange and understanding as we taught them Zulu songs and they sang them so well,” remembers Hlongwane. 

Watch Bishop T.D. Jakes introduction at the recording of Heal Our Land recorded live at The Potter’s House, Dallas Texas: