WATCH: Former Miss SA’s daughter is a YouTube sensation

2019-04-08 13:52
Cindy Nell and daughter Aenea
Cindy Nell and daughter Aenea. (Photo: Instagram/@cindy_nell)

Cape Town - Former Miss South Africa Cindy Nell-Roberts will soon have to share the spotlight with the newest star in her family: her six-year-old daughter, Aenea.

Aenea now has her own YouTube channel for kids. “It started as a channel about opening toys,” Cindy tells YOU. Her daughter loves similar videos.

“She even watches [YouTube] videos in her TV time – kids don’t really watch television anymore,” Cindy says.

Now, Aenea’s Amazing Adventures, her daughter’s YouTube channel, has evolved into something more.

“It’s more of a reality series about her life now. Such as visiting the farm, flying in a plane, playing Monopoly and visiting new places. She covers a large variety of subjects,” says Cindy, who also has a seven-year-old son, Ethan, with her husband, Clive Roberts.

The idea is to share her childhood adventures with viewers and for Cindy it’s not about how many people watch her daughter’s videos. “It’s more important that she’s having fun.”

But she does add, “It’s worth following her and watching everything she does. She’s a sweet, funny little girl and wants to be an entertainer. It’s clear she enjoys the spotlight and the stage, and she’s really entertaining to watch,” the proud mom says.

Having her own YouTube channel was Aenea’s idea, Cindy adds.

“She’s seen me on television and told me she wanted her own YouTube channel.”

At first, Cindy thought Aenea may forget about the idea but she persisted and so Cindy helped her start it.

Aenea’s favourite video on her channel is the one where she feeds chickens during a family outing.

“It’s really a modern album of all the cool things she’s doing as a child and that she can look back on someday,” says Cindy, who’s a businesswoman.