WATCH: Jack Parow eats worms in Mexico!

2016-05-13 16:06


Jack Parow (Photo credit: Instagram)
Jack Parow (Photo credit: Instagram)

Cape Town – All you have to do is listen to Jack Parow’s verses about growing up in The Mother City suburb of Bellville to know that he has seen and done some rough things. 

Now the newly skinny sometimes-singer is taking his skrik-vir-niks attitude to another level. 

Jack posted a video with him eating worms, but not just any worms, Mezcal worms. What’s a Mezcal worm? It’s the slimy creature at the bottom of a Mexican drink that’s like tequila but not quite the same. Some locals believe that the young insect has magical or mystical powers and eating it will pass those powers onto the person ingesting it. 

Here’s the brave Mr. Parow eating the worms like they are chips!

#mezcal & #tequila #worms ... Lets go!! // ??

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Would you swallow a worm if it gave you magical powers?