WATCH: JP Duminy’s little girl is an Instagram star

2019-03-18 13:45
JP Duminy and his family. (Photo: Instagram).
JP Duminy and his family. (Photo: Instagram).

Cape Town -Her daddy might be one of our country’s heroes on the cricket field, but this 3-year-old is the internet star in the family.

JP Duminy and his wife Sue’s toddler Isabella thoroughly entertains people online with her cute photos, dance videos and utterances.

Isabella was even featured on breakfast TV show Expresso recently.

After the shoot Sue posted a adorable video of Isabella on Instagram, also explaining how intimidated the little girl was feeling with the bank of cameras pointed at her.

But whenever her mom touches her cellphone at home, Isabella is game for a picture or video recording. “As soon as I take out the camera she starts swinging her hips,” Sue tells YOU.

She reveals that her daughter’s Instagram videos have become really popular. “She loves a camera and just wants me to take pictures and videos of her. It’s so bad that sometimes I have to tell her: ‘Okay, calm down now’,” Sue says laughing.

She adds: “She likes to dress up and to stand on our deck posing.”

Sue has no idea where their daughter’s passion comes from. “Her dad and I are very reserved,  but she’s a firecracker and extrovert and loves entertaining us.”

In the evenings when her mom and dad are relaxing on the couch, Isabella struts around in front of them. “She says the funniest things too and sings for us. And she’s really entertaining because you can’t help watching her,” says Sue, who welcomed her other baby daughter, Alexa Rose, in September last year.

Sue also regularly posts videos on Instagram of her and Isabella dancing. “She loves Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. She knows the lyrics of some of their songs and will often sing along after hearing a song just once or twice.”

And those dance moves of Isabella?

“She often watches Beyoncé’s music videos.” JP just shakes his head later when he sees his daughter’s videos, Sue laughs. “He doesn’t say much. She’s quite the diva.”