WATCH: Kagiso Modupe does it all for the fans

2016-11-01 19:00


Kagiso Modupe (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – There’s nothing fans love more than snapping a selfie with their favourite soap stars, and according to Scandal actor, Kagiso Modupe, actors should be open to this. 

In an Instagram post on Sunday, the actor addressed an issue he had when another actress spoke up about him interacting with fans. 

“We were booked for an appearance and I was kind of accused by this actress that I was making her look bad because I was going into the crowd and taking pictures,” he explained. 

The star went on to say that, unlike other artists, actors cannot always show off their craft at live appearances, therefore the alternative is to interact with the crowd. 

“If I’m booked for an appearance I’m there to take pictures and sign autographs, right? And the people have paid to come and see me and interact with me. Am I wrong? I mean, the people have paid, right?” he added.